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More Than an Accounting Firm to Us

“Yang and Excellent Accounting have been our accountants since our inception.  We rely on Excellent Accounting for corporate structuring, forward-looking tax strategy, tax preparation, IT strategy and acquisition target auditing (due diligence).  As our business has grown, Yang has gone above and beyond the call of a professional services provider by acting as a leadership mentor to our executives.  Recently, the Team at Excellent Accounting allowed us to study their system for achieving a “paperless office.”  We couldn’t imagine how an accounting firm with a significant tax preparation business could achieve such a thing; but it’s true.  Not only are they a paperless office, but their use of technology has directly benefitted our companies – by improving operational efficiency at Excellent Accounting – which helps keep their rates low.  Over the years, we have developed a relationship with Excellent Accounting that transcends the normal “company-to-service-provider” relationship; Excellent Accounting is our partner and they are absolutely committed to our success.”